Our range of handles include brands like BBL, DORMAKABA, UNION, and CISA.

  • BBL Handles

    BBL Handles

    BBL Handles like Solid Brass BBL Handles, Handle on Rose and BBL Handles for Aluminium Doors
  • DORMAKABA Handles

    DORMAKABA Handles

    We stock a range of DORMAKABA Handles. The range includes the Solid Stainless steel range and the tubular stainless steel range.
  • UNION Handles

    UNION Handles

    We stock a range of UNION Handles. The range includes Gower Handles and Gower Handles.
  • CISA Handles

    CISA Handles

    We stock a range of CISA Handles for aluminium frames. This range includes standard slim line CISA handles and slim line pull handles.