JMA Transponder Chip TPX7

JMA presents its new transponder - the TPX7 model - for copying the DST80. This new device makes it easier to copy keys for European and US model vehicles from brands including Ford®, Hyundai®, KIA®, Mazda®, Lincoln® and VPG®.

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JMA Transponder Chip TPX8+

JMA is evolving its TPX8 transponder chip with the launch of its TPX8+ model, which simplifies the copying process for the Megamos Crypto and optimises process reliability. With this latest product release, only one chip is needed for the sniffing process; i.e. for capturing the data from the car that enables the key to be copied.

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Wireless Intercom Infinity

Link and manage all your E.T. remotes from the cloud. Eortlessly manage up to 10 000 residents and remotes online. Integrated with Google Assistant and Google Home. Calls directly to your mobile phone. Dual sim with 1 year free subscription, 2 activated sim cards* as well as all data and premium features included. *Airtime for outgoing calls not included.

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