SILCA Toyota H Solution
silca toyota h solution

SILCA Toyota H Solution

Available May 2019

The exclusive cloning solution for Texas 128 bit transponders

The Toyota H Solution allows you to clone Texas 128 bit transponders for Toyota models using H type keys. You can also pre-set the transponder used on several Subaru models for programming with diagnostic device.

Free software update for RW4 Plus and Fast Copy Plus
With the Toyota® ‘H’ Solution you can clone the transponders of the most recent and popular Toyota® models using an ‘H’ type key by simply employing in stand alone mode the Silca RW4 Plus and Fast Copy Plus. You just have to update your device to the 04.08.093 version. The software update is free of charge. Familiar process You can clone 128 bit transponders in exactly the same, familiar way you clone other transponders.

No need to operate inside the car
The transponder can be cloned without the need to connect with the vehicle via a ‘snoop’ device making the process easier and more streamlined. No internet connection is required to complete the process. Pre-setting available for programming the transponder With the Totoya® ‘H’ Solution you can pre-set the transponder used on some Toyota® and Subaru® models, so that you can program it later with the Smart Pro device.

Compatible with Silca keys
The Toyota® ‘H’ Solution is compatible with the Silca Look A-like, MH-TA and Flip keys, and with original vehicle keys.